Build a strong foundation and get the sound that you want 

Yes, singing is a skill that you can learn! 

If you're struggling to get your technique right, chances are you are not starting in the right place.

The Foundation Builder Course takes you from beginner to intermediate in 9 lessons. 


Weekly lessons

Includes a warmup, technique study, song study and a quiz

Exercise tracks

Develop your vocal technique with exercises that target specific skills


The Singgeek community

Meet your fellow singing geeks, and ask and answer questions.

You’re just a few steps away from building your voice. Join the course today. 

From Ronja:

Singing is NOT just something you're born with. Let's improve your voice together. 


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Course Content 

"When I watch random videos of singing lessons on YouTube they don't build upon each other. This class does and you do it in a fun, engaging way".   

                        Dan Weeks                                      

"I learned to sing using the Foundation Builder Course, and now I perform regularly in public". -

Eamon McLaughlin 


"Thank you so so so much for this course. It helped me a lot to improve my singing. Specially the exercise with the right jaw posture and how to see, feel and train this was my HIGHLIGHT!!!"

Sabine Schanzer

"I love how you explain the technical exercises, everything is very clear, you make it very easy to understand for us. Thank you so much ! :-)"

Belén Vidal

Don’t wait! Take control of your voice today.



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