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My story:

From locked hoarseness to beautiful geeky control

Hi, fellow singing geek!

My name is Ronja Petersen, a vocal coach from Denmark, and the founder of the Foundation Builder Course as well as the author of the Vocal Quest books series.

You might know me from YouTube where I love to geek out on your voice to help you get the sound that you want. 



It all started with "no progress"

I have always loved singing and took voice lessons throughout my teen years.

However, it was not until I really got serious about singing, and finished my degree in vocal technique at Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, that I realized that a lifetime of lessons had not really changed my voice at all. 

My voice still felt locked up and horse after practice and I was not closer to nailing the high pitches, singing with power or doing riffs and runs.

The common abstract approach with phrases like "breathe into your stomach" and "sing at the wall" just did not work for me. 

I needed a different approach to singing, something tangible where I could see that a specific action gave specific results. 

That's when I began to really geek out on the voice and bought all the books I could find on vocal technique.

From free lessons to a waitlist, a book deal and YouTube 

Teaching at an international music school, I started offering free lessons to test out my geeky approach. 

Then something interesting happened. The other coaches at the school started to send their geeky students my way when they did not want to answer their questions. 

And all of a sudden I was teaching 50 students a week helping them with my geeky simplified approach to singing. 

The school also offered me a book deal and I got the chance to share the technique with the rest of the world through YouTube and now my Foundation Builder Course. 

It's all about getting the voice you want 

I believe singing practice is about getting to your singing results in the simplest and most effective way possible, so that you can enjoy your voice. 

I now have proof that many people, like me, need to understand the mechanics behind e.g. making the voice louder in order to get their technique right. 

Together myself and my students have started getting beautiful geeky control of our voices. We're getting the sound that we want!

A recent subscriber even thought I was using autotune because I was able to achieve such good pitch with my geeky approach to resonance :)  

Want to know what YOU should practice to improve your voice? 

If so, you're in the right place. I've helped thousands of students with my geeky approach and I want to help you too. 

I've created a free class where I teach you the 3 building blocks of the voice and how you can use them to troubleshoot your technique and get results. 

In this FREE lesson, you'll learn:

  • What the 3 building blocks of your voice are and how they work together when you make sound.
  • How I analyze the technique of my students using the building blocks framework
  • How you can analyze your own vocal technique and troubleshoot to get the voice you want
  • Examples of past students who used the framework and improved their technique   

Once you know the 3 building blocks of your voice you will never practice singing the same way again. 


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